A few words from management team...

"...In the dynamic world of Information Technology the only constant is the constant change."

Alex Gajovic
Support Lead, Account Executive

"Keep calm and surf with confidence"

Joshua Hutton
Systems Analyst
About Kwik Fix

London and surrounding area

Kwik Fix is London based technical group that provides wide spectrum of Information Technology Managed Services.

We strive to provide quality services with an outstanding customer support. Our contractors are industry certified professionals. We guarantee our workmanship.

Kwik Fix provides you with a cost-effective, innovative, and friendly approach to your computer needs.

At Kwik Fix we take pride in being able to help our customers to simplify the complexity of IT and to deliver a right solution. We stick to the following principles in delivering our mission: Understanding our clients’ needs and issues, creating solutions in real time, simplify the support process and provide transparent cost.

Public Relations


Staying in contact with our customer is important to us.

We value your feedback, therefore we would like to hear from you. Please email us to publicrelations@kwikfixnow.ca


To treat each and every customer with dignity and respect. To provide fair and transparent cost to our services. To respect privacy and confidentially act.


Kwik Fix can be a life saver-a business life saver. Kwik Fix-NOT a bandage company.


Work Team

  • Aleksandar Gajovic
    Support Lead, Account Executive
  • Joshua Hutton
    System Analyst
  • Sabu Vergese
    Marketing, Project
  • Milla Gajovic
    Production Director
  • Branco Krzik
    Business Developer